Capiz Parols (Capiz Christmas Lanterns)

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Voltage: 110 volts

 Parol is a traditional Filipino Christmas decoration, a five point star-shaped Christmas lantern, originally made of thin bamboo frames and covered with colored cellophane or with rice paper also known as Japanese paperr or papel de Japon. It has two tails that serve as the rays of the star.  Today, the parol has become more colorful because of the twinkling bulbs in dazzling patterns that help illuminate each parol.

Parol reminds the Filipino Christians of the star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men on their way in search of Baby Jesus.

It represents the Filipino innovation, creativity…

Parol making is a traditional folk craft.  It  is not only a Christmas symbol, it is a symbol of hope for lots of parol makers. Parol making business is a source of income for lots of Filipinos.

19Parol has become the most recognizable Christmas ornament for Filipinos not just in the Philippines, but in any country where there is a Filipino community. Parols are sold overseas, these are usually made from capiz shells or other shells and are intricately designed, these last long and can be used every year.

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Be the first one to own a Philippine novelty item: an authentic beautifully crafted Philippine Christmas Lantern, commonly called Capiz Parol.  But first, what is capiz?  According to (

"Capiz is both a geographical location and the name of a shell that is used largely in interior decorating and for decorative gifts and accessories. Geographically speaking, Capiz is a province of the Philippines facing the Sibuyan Sea to the north. Capiz shell, which is used for decorative purposes, is the outer shell of the marine mollusk, Placuna placenta, found in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines.

Capiz shell is a flat, semi-transparent shell with a pearlescent appearance. Capiz is often used to create lampshades or other luminescent objects, such as candle holders, because of its striking appearance when light shines through. However, it is just as common to see the bases of lamps crafted with capiz shell. Capiz is also frequently used as an accent to many household and fashion accessories. Capiz is generally considered to be elegant and formal."

Because of such excellent quality, it is used as a high class material for our lighted Christmas Lanterns (parols).  It is carefully and painstakingly put together by hand in a parol (lantern). Each shell is placed to be part of master-crafted ensemble of colors and patterns to form a beautiful Christmas Lantern (parol). That's not all. With the help of special pre-programmed Christmas lights (110v) which were arranged carefully around and in the parol, it becomes a mesmerizing lighted Christmas Lantern.  Dancing lights are very captivating and relaxing to watch.

Capiz is getting harder to harvest due to its "rarity" and is getting harder to import from the Philippines. It is now costly to use capiz for novelty decorations. If you happen to own one or is getting one, take pride because it is a special privilege.  Take care of it for it could be a collectible item just like rare stamps.


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